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Charge for your exclusive content without membership or subscription.

Charge for Your Exclusive Content Without Subscription or Membership

With Exodox, all websites, large or small, can charge for their exclusive content. It includes all types of communicative content: videos, films, audio files, images, charity, articles and more. Artists, performers, sports stars, sports clubs, bloggers, influencers, charities, newspapers, and other areas of interest.

Set Optional Click-fees for Optional Content

You, the website, decide which content you want to charge a small click-fee for. Quickly, easily and whenever you want. You set the click-fee for each content and decide how long the follower’s access period will be. This is easily done in your Exodox account, and you can change the click-fee and access period, as well as deactivate or reactivate your fee-links, at any given time and with immediate effect.

Adult content is not accepted by Exodox.

A Small Click-fee Your Followers Can Accept

Interesting and exclusive content is usually expensive to produce, and up until now, it has been driven by subscription fees and/or membership requirements. However, it’s evident that followers are fed up with these conditions and are more than happy to pay a small click-fee for interesting content without having to pay advance payments. With Exodox, you’re entering the future of payment. All the follower needs to do is register a credit card. Once this quick and simple procedure is done the follower can click and open any Exodox fee-link worldwide. Accumulated click-fees are automatically deducted from the credit card account every month. No other costs are incurred. So, if the follower doesn’t click on any fee-link, it costs nothing.

A Supreme Revenue Stream

A simple calculation shows that if only 10,000 followers pay an average click- fee of € or $ 0,30 per click, twice a week, the website will generate a net total of € or $ 250.000 per year!

If 1 million followers pay an average click-fee of € or $ 0,30 per click, twice a week, the website will generate a net total of € or $ 25 million per year!

Free & Easy Set-Up

With Exodox, there are no start-up costs or hidden charges to get up and running. It’s transparent and straightforward. And once you’re active, you keep 80% of all generated click-fees, which are paid automatically and transparently to your bank account every month. And if you don’t use Exodox’s services there are of course no costs. In other words, it’s 100 % safe and risk-free. Just click Contact Me and we’ll happily tell you more and also help you with the free installation. No technical skills are required, and it takes only a few minutes to register. You’ll soon be ready to play the Exodox way!


What Do I Need to Use Exodox?

All you need is valuable content for which you want to charge a small click-fee to display.

How Do I Get Started?

Just click Contact me and we’ll tell you more about the terms and help you with the installation.

What Type of Content Can I Charge for?

Video clips, films, audio files, images, written texts, articles, podcasts, webinars.

What Is the Benefit of Exodox?

You offer your followers a long sought-after way to pay for valuable content, as an alternative to subscription and membership fees, and as a complement to advertising. With the right content, Exodox gives you a new and supreme monthly income. Thanks to Exodox, old payment thresholds disappear, and new followers emerge, attracted by Exodox’s simplicity and transparency. Setting low click-fees of € / $ 0,2 to 0,8 means that many followers will click on your content. While there’s no upper limit, we strongly recommend that you set low click-fees.

What Is an Appropriate Content Fee?

Low click-fees of € / $ 0,2 to 0,8 means that many followers will click on your content.

What Is the Cost of an Exodox Account?

Exodox has no start-up or monthly cost. The only Cost is a commission of 20% of the click-fees on your website. This is deducted before the monthly payment is made.

How Do I Get Paid and How Much?

We pay 80% of the click-fees generated on your website. Payment is made within a few days after the end of each calendar month, automatically and directly to your bank account. You also receive a statement of your accumulated income for accounting purposes.

What Tax Is Payable?

Unfortunately, Exodox cannot answer tax questions.

Are My Data and Payments Secure through Exodox?

Yes, all data generated by your followers is encrypted according to PCI DSS Level 1, the highest level of banking security. Likewise, your payments are handled by SEB, an established bank with maximum security guarantees.

Can I Trust That Exodox Works Even at Times of High Transaction Volumes?

Yes, Exodox databases are stored on Amazon with maximum security and capacity that can handle the highest load.

Happy Followers

We carried out a survey, which shows that:


would pay a small fee for interesting content


refer a small fee over a subscription or membership


Produce, select and offer content that interests your followers.

Content Availability

Log into Exodox and set the click-fee for your chosen content. Invite your followers and share your creativity with a click.  Each follower pays for their accumulated clicks, automatically deducted from their credit card account every month.


Log in to Exodox and view your statistics. Here you can see which click-fee levels work the best. You can easily change them at any given time and with immediate effect.