The Follower

Now you can enjoy exclusive content without a membership or subscription

How it works

Click on a fee-link (locked content), see the click-fee and open if you choose. No membership fee, no subscription. Convenient: Your click-fees are added up monthly and paid automatically from your card account.

But register first, it takes 2 minutes, is completely free, no fixed costs. This is how: Click on a fee-link (locked content), select Register Account and fill in some simple information, including your card number. All data is encrypted with the highest banking security.

From now on, you can click-open any fee-link on any website worldwide.

A Small Click-fee Just for the Content You Are Interested in

Forget paying for subscriptions, memberships for all content you’re not interested in. Just click on the fee-links that interest you, then check the click-fee and access period. You decide if you think it’s worth the click-fee.

Easy Set-Up & User Friendly

The first time you want to watch content that has an Exodox click-fee, you need to register. It doesn’t cost anything and it’s super easy. A quick one-time procedure that enables you to click and open any Exodox fee-link anywhere in the world. Remember, if you don’t click, you don’t pay. You can register from any website or do it right here. Register.

Easy Payment of Click-fees

When you click on Exodox fee-links worldwide, you’ll see the click-fee and access period, but you don’t pay until the end of the month when your accumulated click-fees are deducted from your credit card account. Economical and convenient. You can at any time log into your Exodox account with your password and review your click-fees for the current month. And from there you can also tell your friends about interesting content you’ve discovered.

Maximum Security

All your data is encrypted with the highest level of banking security, PCI DSS.
Here you can read our Terms and Conditions and how we handle GDPR.

Follower FAQs

Who Can Use Exodox?

Any follower worldwide who has a debit or credit card can register with Exodox and easily access valuable content via Exodox fee-links.

Why Should I Register with Exodox?

To get limitless access to exclusive and exciting content on all websites that use Exodox anywhere in the world and without subscription or membership costs.

How Does Exodox Work?

Once registered, you can click and open any website’s Exodox fee-link worldwide. All your accumulated click-fees are automatically deducted from your credit card account every month in arrears.

What Is the Benefit of Exodox?

You only pay for what you’ve actively clicked on i.e. what you are truly interested in and want. With Exodox you are 100% free from subscription bundles and membership fees. You only need to do a quick one-time registration to gain access to all Exodox fee-links worldwide.

What Is the Cost of Using Exodox?

Exodox is completely free of charge. The only thing you pay for as a follower is the interesting content you open with a click. Your accumulated click-fees are then automatically deducted from your credit card account every month in arrears. Remember, if you don’t click, you don’t pay!

What Is the Cost of Accessing Content with Exodox?

The click-fees vary, as they’re set by the respective website. The click-fee, normally set at € / $ 0,2 to 0,8, is displayed before you decide to open the content.

Is My Data Safe with Exodox?

When you register your information, including your debit or credit card, you do so via a so-called Payment Service Provider that is certified. This means that your card details are encrypted with PCI DSS Level 1, the highest level of banking security. So, your data is completely safe with Exodox.