Now Followers Get What They Want. Interesting Content for a Small Click- fee.

No payment upfront. No subscription or membership costs.

The Many Benefits of Exodox

The website can easily set click-fees for the selected content: videos, audio files, images, articles and more.
The website faces no start-up fees, monthly costs or hidden fees. Exodox is completely safe and risk-free.
A new and supreme income stream for the website leads to better and more appealing content for the follower.
Liked by the follower who only pays a small click-fee for what they want. Free from subscription and membership requirements.
Exodox's straightforward one-time and free-of-charge registration procedure will enable the follower to open any Exodox link anywhere in the world.
The follower's monthly accumulated click-fees are automatically paid in arrears.
Website and follower can both enter or leave Exodox at will and with no costs attached.
Let us help you to get started. It’s straightforward, fast and free of charge.

Get Paid for Interesting Content

You, the website, decide which content you want to charge a click-fee for. It's done quickly, easily, and whenever you want. Simply set the click-fee for each fee-link and then set the access period for your followers.

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Pay Only for the Content You Want

Thanks to Exodox the follower can now navigate in an environment free from subscription and/or membership requirements. The follower's accumulated click-fees are deducted from the follower's credit card account at the end of each month. Simple and transparent.

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Happy Followers

We conducted a survey which clearly shows that:


would pay a small fee for interesting content.


prefer a small fee over a subscription or membership.


Produce, select and offer content that interests your followers.

Content Availability

Log into Exodox and set the click-fee for your chosen content. Invite your followers and share your creativity with a click.  Each follower pays for their accumulated clicks, automatically deducted from their credit card account every month.


Log in to Exodox and view your statistics. Here you can see which click-fee levels work the best. You can easily change them at any given time and with immediate effect.

Partners for Maximum Security

Great Content Attracts Many New Followers

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“With Exodox I feel real inspiration to create and offer great content to my followers. In other words, content that they appreciate and are happy to pay a small fee to view”.

- Katarina Lidell, International Design & Communication Expert Stockholm, Sweden